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Handicap Accessibility Project

Successive clergy and congregations of Trinity planned for many years to make the church and undercroft accessible to everyone.  They recognized there needed to be conveniently located parking for the handicapped, a ramp to the front door and a means of connecting the church itself to the undercroft, where many functions take place.  This could be accomplished with an elevator or a lift.


The project was done in stages.  The first stage was the groundbreaking, with Bishop Daniel Gutiérrez presiding, Fall, 2017.

Untitled design (6).png

Before construction began, there were some problems to be remediated.  One of these was a retaining wall next to the steps leading from the yard to the undercroft.  This was repaired in the Fall of 2018.

old wall on stairway.jpg

Next, the ramp was constructed from the proposed handicap parking area to the front porch, which had to be level with the main entrance.  The adjacent parking and access points were part of this project.  Winter, 2017-2018

Untitled design (7).png

Once completed, we saw immediate use of the new access for visitors and for processions. Jane Holloway and her daughters were the first to use the new entrance.  Fr. Stephen led the procession on the new sidewalk on Palm Sunday.  Spring, 2019

Untitled design (8).png

The final phase involved finding a suitable location for a lift connecting the nave to the undercroft.  Once it was found, the project proceeded efficiently.  Summer – Winter, 2020. 

Untitled design (10).png
Untitled design (11).png

Inspections were completed in January 2021, and the project has been completed.

Untitled design (9).png

A special celebration to thank all those who donated to the project was held in April 2021.

Untitled design (21).png
Untitled design (20).png
Untitled design (22).png

This project was made possible by funds donated by foundations and individuals.  

Various members of the congregation made creative suggestions leading to the final project.

The vestry and accessibility committee are thankful for all of the people who made this project possible.


Special thanks go to Dr. Agnes Rash who took the work-in-progress pictures to show

the beautiful construction work done by our contractors.

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