Lay Leadership

Diocesan canons and the parish bylaws guide the way in which the laity of Trinity take part in decisions at the parish and diocesan levels. Each year, the eligible voters of the parish elect members to Vestry and representatives to the Diocesan Convention and the Valley Forge Deanery.

The Vestry

The vestry of Trinity is the elected body of lay leadership. By church law it is entrusted with the oversight of the general affairs of the parish. In practice, it serves as a council of leadership and advice, sharing the ministry of leadership with the rector. The vestry normally meets on the third Tuesday of most months. Vestry elections are held every year, and a normal term for a vestry member is three years.

Vestry Members

Anne Trumpler

Rector's Warden


Lorna Nixon


Rick Braendle

Accounting Warden, Pledge Secretary

Bill McGary

Buildings & Grounds

Nicole Cohen


Diocesan Convention Deputy

Marty Trumpler

Deanery Delegate

Marty Trumpler

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