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The first and ground floors of Trinity House have been remodeled for use as an ecumenical House of Prayer for All People. This residential community of up to three is led by a Franciscan Sister, Sr. Kathie Uhler, OSF, as a place where individuals and groups can come to worship and pray for peace and reconciliation. It is not a church, mosque or synagogue but a place made holy by the people who come there. All are welcome.

The House of Prayer for All People

The facility comprises a hospitality room, where core group members offer welcome; the prayer room; and accommodation for two members. One of the core group spends the day in prayer, maintaining a peaceful and contemplative setting, while the other sees to the daily needs and maintenance of the House of Prayer. Besides these activities, the daily round of the core group includes individual and communal prayer, a meal together, and neighborhood walkabouts open to acts of care and assistance. Core group members, who are chosen by the ministry’s executive team, usually serve for one-three months at the House of Prayer for All People on a rotating basis at least once a year. There is a monthly fee for room and board paid by each member.


The vision for this ministry came to Kathie Uhler OSF through her years with the Palestine/Hebron team of Christian Peacemakers from 2002-08. She became aware of the possibility of such a place for intra-religious prayer and reconciliation both in the West Bank and beyond. She is a member of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, NY, a Catholic congregation of women religious (

Tripartite Support

This project has been developed in collaboration with Kathie and has the enthusiastic support of the Valley Forge Deanery, the advisory board of the House of Prayer for All People, the Congregational Minister of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, and the Trinity vestry.

Valley Forge Deanery

The heart of this ministry is centered within the Christian ethos and our baptismal covenant in that it will honor the image of God in all people, seek and serve Christ in others, and pursue reconciliation and justice. The House of Prayer will be an enduring witness of God’s all-encompassing love and hope in the local community and beyond - The Very Rev. Kathryn Andonian, Dean, Valley Forge Deanery.



Locating a House of Prayer for All People at Trinity House offers many benefits by:

  • Offering a safe, open place for prayer for peace

  • Expanding the outreach of Trinity, in particular to SEPTA terminus commuters

  • Enlarging the presence of the Order of St. Francis

  • Demonstrating practical, living openness

  • Adding a concern for the immediate local community of 19 homes through frequent neighborhood walkabouts to offer friendship and simple, caring actions. The social dimension could include assisting the Trinity staff, Trinity School and the parish

  • Reflecting in a practical way how Jesus lived in the midst of cultural and religious diversity: He preached to, mixed with and sought out Gentiles, women, children, Pharisees and sinners and, especially, taught all to pray with the universal prayer – the Lord’s Prayer

  • Leadership by Kathie, whose Franciscan commitment for more than 60 years is a courageously personal testament to Gospel witness, in conjunction Fr. Stephen, an Anglican Franciscan tertiary since 1999

  • Following a community lifestyle adapted from St. Francis of Assisi’s Rule for Hermitages (as expressed in Luke 10: 38-42: a Mary and a Martha.

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