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Participation in Worship

There are many opportunities to participate in the worship, service and outreach of Trinity. Lay people are actively and vitally involved in the worship of the church through the various service guilds.


Servers (or acolytes) are those who assist in all the ceremonial aspects of the Mass.  They carry crosses and torches in procession, and serve at the altar, assisting the priest in the rituals of worship. Mass is a regular affair at Trinity, and some servers train to assist with simple Low Masses during the week, assisting the clergy at the altar and with the administration of communion as chalice-bearers. Since the liturgy of the church is something carried out by a community - not just by the priest - servers have a vital function at every celebration of the Mass. 

There is a way for almost anyone to become involved in the worship this way. Boys and girls, men and women of almost any age can all play a distinct role in the offering to God of ourselves in the liturgy.


Lectors read the first, second, and third readings from the Bible at Sunday Masses and at special services. If you have a good speaking voice and a desire to engage the Scriptures in a special way, think about becoming a lector.


Ushers are the first people visitors to the church usually meet. They greet and welcome people to all Sunday services and to special services throughout the year. They give our visitors their first impressions of Trinity and have an opportunity to connect with visitors and help visitors connect with us. Ushers distribute leaflets, assist the disabled, record attendance, and collect the offering.

Altar Guild

The active life of worship at Trinity and the care of the parish's collection of sacred vessels, vestments, and linens used in that worship depends on the commitment of the Altar Guild. This behind-the-scenes work is essential to the worshiping life of the parish. Altar Guild members can take on one or more roles, including preparing and cleaning sacred vessels before and after Mass, laundering and ironing the linens used during Mass, caring for clerical vestments, helping prepare for major holidays, and more.

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